3D Letters, Logos & Plaques

1 Brushed Silver Laminate on Acrylic - UNC-CH School of Journalism 1_Cut aluminum logo - alum backer - refaced sign - Blockade Runner.jpg Acrylic lettering - Dean Hardwoods.jpg Acrylic logo - Baldwin Construction.jpg Aluminum letters - bronze finish - Randall Building.jpg Aluminum logo - Cole Fasteners.jpg anodized aluminum letters - City of Wilmington.jpg bronze plaque - First Presbyterian Wilmington.jpg Cast aluminum letters - Pine Valley Elementary.jpg cut acrylic lettering - Port City Mattress.jpg cut acrylic logo mounted to acrylic-standoffs-Irongate Partners.jpg Dimensional Aluminum Neighborhood Sign - Willow Glen.jpg Dimensional Building Logo - Jacksons Big Oak Barbecue.jpg Engraved Brass Plaque - First Presbyterian.jpg Formed Plastic Custom Logo - Cannon Heating & Air.jpg
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Three-dimensional letters, logos and plaques stand off a wall or bottom plate and are available several materials. Letters and logos are available in cut and cast metal (aluminum, bronze, brass, copper or steel), cut solid acrylic, and formed hollow plastic at many depths and sizes. We offer economical standard colors and fonts as well as custom letter styles and logos. Plaques are available in aluminum, bronze and brass.